The Knees – Can’t Stop Now letras

Tryin’ to work it out What it doesn’t mean Tryin’ to come around Kind of in between – gotta start as you need to be Gonna make it up Gonna slow it down Got a story of Gotta think aloud – gotta breathe but I’m O-M-G I think I get what you mean ‘Cause we’ve […]

The Kinks – Live Life (US Single Mix) letras

Have you heard about trouble throughout the land With the fascists and the left wing militants Out of work executives are killing themselves And the I.R.A. are killing everybody else Don’t panic, don’t lose control Keep your head, keep ahold Act normal there’s nothing wrong Stay cool, just carry on You gotta live life and […]

Harlequin Jones – Overflow letras

Try to conceive what it was like to be Looking back at my body from the cracks in the ceiling Revealing my history to a man who made me turn away As he measure the weight of the problem in place He wore a look i couldn’t face, i’d never be the same Does it […]

Kuren Ft. Ben Alessi – Home lyrics

Verse 1: Call home tell em that Im doin just fine Wrap me up and take me on a magical ride I spend all day waiting by your side On another trip to soak up what’s been mine all this time.. Pre: Thought I saw ya In the corner Sippin on the bottle with the […]

Daniele Meo – You’re My Lady lyrics

I was looking for you But now my life is a dream come true You, the only air I breathe Really love you, in your eyes I feel complete The past is gone, I don’t care ‘cause I love the way you love me I’ll be there In all over the world girl You’re my […]

K3vin Envoy – Tell Me Maybe lyrics

Why? (repeat x 8) Tell me maybe Tell me maybe Tell me maybe Tell me maybe Lets Go! Come on! Tell me maybe Tell me maybe Why? (repeat x 8) Tell me maybe

Cauldron – TAKEN BY DESIRE lyrics

Stare into the river today What could ever have made it this way? Deep inside your eye is a gleam Showing more than you thought it would be Make a turn to go find a way In the dark do not be afraid It will burn just fine, can’t you see? A chosen path they […]

Food Trucks – Food Truck Rocking Man (Baby!) lyrics

Ohhh, I’m hitting the road, (He’s hitting the road) Going for broke, (He’s going for broke) You can’t stop, (You can’t stop!) This a food truck rocking man! (Baby!!) Crusing down the road, doing 65 Got a sweet mama baby sitting right by my side Roll down the windows Scream at the signs This a […]

Maluku – Anthem lyrics

(intro) Maluku Maluku Maluku Yeah Trapisode mufuckaaa Je weet tog Er gaan veel dinge kome, broertje Ik ben nog lang niet klaar na deez Maar eh draai iets, smoke iets, damsco in die bitch Hahah je weet tog, maluku (text) Ik blaas speakers, paas die wiri en drink liters Groupies kome op me af want […]

Brother Cane – HIGH SPPED FREEZIN’ lyrics

Rage and fire and bits of fear Pretenders that come along I march to the beat of my own design No better time to sing this song So much indecision releases a demon that kills High speed freezin’ blues comin’ down like hail Lost in the fallout, nowhere to go I see you in there […]

Rhino – I Need Love lyrics

You light up like the stars in the sky When we touch you come to life And all we need is love love love And all we need is love love And I just wanna feel Like I’m gonna be here tonight When all the lights come Oh then it’s just you and I Don’t […]

Noot D’ Noot – Streetfighter lyrics

Hey hey Hey hey Hey hey Chaotic times yearn most for leaders Nirvana can be yours and mine Without a nod or nomination We can move an entire generation Tell me You don’t believe what i’m saying Well keep your sights On the whites of my eye Glorious Beings All over Oh la oh la […]

Cati James – Faces Of Springtime lyrics

Verse 1 Woo woo woo woo woo woo Woo woo woo woo woo woo Woo woo woo woo I love the faces of springtime, springtime I love to see their happy faces, faces Lovers meet in happy places And rare birds sing their melodies I love the feeling of springtime To be with you Verse […]

Blitzen Trapper – THIRSTY MAN lyrics

I’ve been driving all night On a road to nowhere With the devils convoy, black smoke upon my tracks Girl, I hardly knew you But I could never fool you You was always sitting still While the world raced to its grave When the morning breaks I’ve been driving wide awake Cause I’ve been running […]

Ice Box – Kala Wei lyrics

[Intro] Oh yea Oh yea Itz B.O Ice Box Let’s Go! [Verse] Everyday she keeps on calling Mafiri ne nky3n seesei ara koraa na wa’flashe C’text me messages “Can I get the long tin blah Blah Ice I want it” Me ara noaa 3nnhy3 da nny3 m’as3m cuz of mey3 maniac It’s the only game […]

Shaze Tempain – Widawannepa lyrics

Sasare Nimak Nathi Gamanaka Gewena Jiwithe Widapan Widawannepa Gewena Thuru Me Awurudu Kihipaya Jiwithe Thawemin Widawannepa . Ekama Le Duwanne Sirure Paksha Paata Moka Unath Ekama Gasma Hadawathehi Aagama Kawarak Unath Husma Ganne Naththe Nahane Loke Kisima Jathiyak Okkoma Minisun Wen Kale Sithuwili Wala Bedayak Chande Ganna Ona Hinda Deshapaalu Haththa Maraganna Kiyala Kiwwa Athata […]

The City – Leap Of Faith lyrics

I tell myself, not to fear, It’s not that easy anymore, My trembling hands, My wounded soul, You can’t heal me like before. You’re gone, I need you here, I just don’t feel, I can make it on my own. Go back, Can’t go back, And I know that, I can’t take back what they […]

The City – Censorship lyrics

Time alone, Time to think, Time for change, Time has come. If you take away my heart, I’ll still live, If you take away my voice, I’ll still scream, If you take away my eyes, I’ll still see, If you censor me, I’ll still be free, Even if you take my heart, Even if you […]

Aaron – Song For Ever lyrics

Hello darkness, what’s your name today I heard you were back in town I was fearless you had stepped away But nothing lasts and you’re back now I got rain in my eyes as tears falls from the sky Well, nothing means anything now the world is upside down And it’s too hard to talk […]

The Fauve – Slow Motion lyrics

Somewhere down the road There’s a house we’ll one day know With a yard and a well We’ll build with the stones We hold onto Cause years of living on the open road can leave you cold And in your heart the darkness starts to grown So tie us down, take us home We are […]

Concealer – Helpless lyrics

If you find me in your way, Then why ask me to stay? Is it the guilt killing you Knowing I would fall? Now watch me run Now watch me run away Now watch me run Now watch me run again If you find it hard to say That you’ve been miserable, Then quit taking […]

Quissa – The End Of Us lyrics

This record’s been broken for some time But I just keep on playing it This horse has been dead now for a while But I refuse to bury it Oh No! I’m so over heartbreak Oh No! I’m going my own way Oh No! You won’t get me back this time Goodbye I’m saying “Goodnight” […]

Rob Cantor – Shia Labeouf Full lyrics

You’re walking in the woods. There’s no one around, And your phone is dead. Out of the corner of your eye you spot him, Shia Labeouf. He’s following you About 30 feet back. He gets down on all fours and breaks into a sprint. He’s gaining on you. Shia Labeouf. You’re looking for your car, […]

Jahzel – Speak Low To Me lyrics

Speak low to me It does good to me Speak low to me It does so much good to me. The night is almost gone City lights are still on Nothing else matters just carrying on Just you and I hold me tight I don’t mind. Make sweet love to me Oh, come close to […]

Nyxx – Diabolical lyrics

I’m sugar on your tongue My name sounds so sweet Swimming in your blood I’m under your skin baby Well I got you strung out You just can’t get enough Oh, circle circle dot dot You ain’t got a fucking shot Pre-Chorus: They used to call me a freak, now they try to be me […]

The Bee Gees – Closer Than Close lyrics

She’ll read your mind She’s smart as a whip She’ll suck you dry But look at how much I drip? At the point of ecstasy I write a symphony Of poetry in motion And leavin’ me there to die I tell myself let no one take her place To confide in someone And look at […]

Luca Burgalassi – HIGHS AND LOWS lyrics

I play this tune for you ’cause you know I’m in a funny kind’a mood. When I woke up this morning I was a bit hazed ‘cause all the time I was thinking about you. And I wrote down this song Without much thought to the words I got this sweet blues playing inside’a me […]

Luca Burgalassi – Fragments lyrics

On my knees Trying To pick up The broken pieces from the ground Since our Porcelain building Shattered on the floor And every fragment Is a new wound Needing to be cured And every fragment Is just A fragment to forget And you? Are you in front of the mirror, Frozen Criticized by your own […]

Linda Jones – For Your Precious Love , Spoken lyrics

Into each life a little rain must fall And you know every day can not be sunny Every smile is not a smile of happiness And every tear that is shade is not a tear of joy Id like to dedicate this song to all of you lovers out there Because maybe you have a […]

Luca Burgalassi – Dust And Rust lyrics

I feel like I’m on the corner of a street Waiting for someone I feel like at the end of a long dream Afraid of the dawn I am looking for a passage in the night I’m still searching for a light Dust and rust is all I have And nothing more at all And […]

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